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Proctor & Gamble India Pvt.Ltd

Case Study

Proctor & Gamble India Pvt.Ltd

Proctor & Gamble India Pvt.Ltd – 5MVA, 11kV DG Based Power Package

The Background:

Procter & Gamble Home Products Limited Mandideep Plant was highly occupied in pre-planned production wherein one-minute power outage could have cost huge production loss due to non-availability of dedicated Power supply. So P & G wanted to Hire 5MVA, 11Kv Power Generator for their Mandeedip Bhopal Plant for the 3 months’ period to have as a Reliable backup/standby Power Supply through Generators in case of power failure from MPSEB or any shutdown or maintenance activities.

Procter & Gamble Home Products Limited is one of India’s fastest growing Fast Moving Consumer Goods (FMCG) companies that has in its portfolio, P&G’s global brands such as Ariel and Tide, Head & Shoulders, Rejoice, Pantene as well as Pampers, under the fabric care, hair care and baby care segments respectively.

Our Requirement

Our Solution

P & G approached Modern Energy Rental to Provide the solution to ensure dedicated Power Supply during any Power Failure / Shutdown or maintenance through Backup/ Standby Generators directly coupled with 11 KV Generator.

Modern has Provided 1 x 2000KVA & 2 x 1500KVA directly coupled with 11 KV Alternator, sound proof Diesel Generator sets along with highly Experienced & Technically qualified operators & Engineers for the duration of 3 Months & later the same has been extended more for 2.7years based on Satisfaction &High quality service Provided by Modern.

1. Modern Energy Rental Provided the 1 x 2000KVA &2 x 1500KVA, 11Kv Generator within 10 Days’ time.

2. Modern Has provided highly reliable HV Generator with our Practised service including Transportation from Mumbai to Mandideep (Bhopal) Plant& Return.

The Achievement

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