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Rooftop Air Conditioning Rental

High-Performance, Energy-Saving, Cost-Effective Rooftop Air Conditioning Rental for Businesses across industries in India.

Modern Energy Rental is one of the leading Roof-top unit rental service provider in India.  We have a complete range of self-contained, packaged roof-top units designed to provide ultimate cooling comfort with the highest standards of quality and performance. Our Rooftop Air Conditioning units for rent are compact in design and are easy to install. Our RTU for rental comes in various capacities ranging from 10TR to 30TR.

Range of Roof Top Air Conditioning Unit on Rental

Salient Features of Roof Top AC Units for Rent:

  • Low Cost Installation and Serviceability for the Most Economical Comfort Solution.
  • “Plug and Play”concept.
  • Ready-to-run units – Designed specially to ensure quick and simple installation and start-up.
  • Cabinets with forklift and lifting holes for easy transportation.
  • Pre-drilled duct flanges at the supply and return duct connections to reduce duct connection work on site.
  • Smart design for easy access to all major components – Fast and simple service and maintenance.
  • The unit features improved comfort, safety, reliability and energy efficiency.
  • High efficiency heat exchangers optimized refrigeration circuit and unit insulation for greater savings.
  • Anticorrosive cabinet, coated and reinforced with galvanized armour plate (tested 1000 hours under salt spray).
  • Over-heat and over-current protection on evaporator fan motors.
  • Temperature controller protection on condenser fan motors.
  • Sloped drain pan and pipes for better drainage and prevention of microbial growth.
  • Quiet operation and low vibrations through optimized centrifugal fan, fan casing design and compressor mount.
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