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Trolley Mounted & Skid Mounted Portable Compressors Rental in India

Modern Energy Rental provides premium quality compressor on rent. The offered compressors on hire are available in different ranges and sizes as per your needs.  We have units ranging from 300 CFM to 600 CFM compressor available for rent. Our Trolley Mounted Compressors for rent and skid-mounted compressor rental units are known for their reliability and ruggedness.

Compressors rented from Modern Energy Rental are used in a wide range of applications such as cable laying, construction sites, coal mining, stone mining, blast hole drilling, mining in dead sea, oil & gas exploration, sandblasting, etc.

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Range of Compressor for Rent:

300 CFM Compressor on Rent 450 CFM Compressor on Rent 550 CFM Compressor on Rent 600 CFM Compressor on Rent 1100 CFM Compressor on Rent

Salient features of Compressor we rent:

    • Energy-efficient units saving significant energy.
    • Robust enclosure with industrial-grade steel and powder coated canopy.
    • Our trolley mounted compressors for rent are equipped with overrun brakes, ensuring safe towing.
    • Compact build of compressors provides maximum maneuverability and allows short radius turns.
    • Greater fuel efficiency and durable performance at low cost.
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