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Load Shedding

Load Shedding - Power Rental Solution

Power Rental Solutions during Load shedding

When there is insufficient power station capacity to supply the demanded load, the electricity becomes unbalanced and could cause the entire power system down. Load shedding is the method used to prevent the entire system from collapsing during high demand/load. For industries depending upon power, load shedding results in huge business loss. And hence they require a temporary power solution during load shedding.

Modern Energy Rental provides power rental solutions ranging from 25kVA to 2000kVA Genset to temporary multi-megawatt power plant rental to help your operations run during load shedding. Our expertise in the power rental industry will help you choose the right power rental solution.

Our range of Diesel Generators, Gas Generators, Temporary Multi-Mega watt power plants can be rented for short- or long-term requirements to avoid costly power failure losses.

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