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Facility Shutdown

Facility Shutdown Power Rental Solutions

Power Rental Solutions during Facility Shutdown

Facility Shutdowns can be stressful activities for operations and maintenance team and it requires careful planning and execution. Every industrial plant / refinery goes through complete shutdown for maintenance.  During this period, disruption of power happens.  Industries that operate 24/7, the cost of downtime can be very expensive. Hence shutdowns must be executed with proper planning and preparation.

Modern Energy Rental, India’s most reliable energy rental company can provide reliable power, cooling and lighting equipment to support and mitigate risks at all levels. Our range of products for rental include:

  • Containerized diesel generator on hire (25kVA to 2000kVA in any capacity and voltage.)
  • Transformer on rent in any capacity.
  • Fuel Tanks & Fuel Management Services.
  • Mobile Lighting Towers.
  • Oil free compressors.
  • Load banks.
  • Temperature control equipment rental.
  • Compliance labour, PF, ESIC as required.
  • 24/7 Onsite Manpower & Spare Support

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