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Modern Energy Rental Private Limited mission demands that everything we do leads to a cleaner, healthier and safer environment. To fulfil this mission, we must achieve performance greater than what the applicable compliance requirements and standards demand of our operations for health, safety and environment.

1.0 Introduction

Modern Energy is committed to provide a place of work, where employees are confident that their health, safety and welfare at work are considered to be the utmost importance at all times. Modern is also committed to provide a safe and healthy environment for others who may be affected by its activities like contractors and visitors to the site

Safety at equipment’s (DG/GG sets, Transformers, Chillers, Compressors) is of paramount importance for Modern at all stages of during Transportation, Loading and Unloading, installation & commissioning and life time operation and maintenance.

As every injury / illness / fatality will tarnish the image and reputation of the company besides the cost impact. So we do not leave any stone unturned in our attempt to implement the required safety measures at site. Competent manpower has been our greatest asset for our company and it is everyone’s responsibility to ensure that each employee returns back home safely every day.

2.0 Scope

This document is implemented for EHS guidelines to the Modern Energy Staff, Contractors and sub-Contractors engaged in various Electrical / Mechanical/ job site work activities in MODERN ENERGY RENTAL PRIVATE LIMITED.

Objectives: The objectives of this Guideline are:

  • Provide a safe place for work.
  • Provide safe work practices for carrying out normal operations.
  • Identify hazards, analyse & treat hazards by Risk assessment Techniques & Environmental impact analysis
  • Create awareness on safety, health and environment as an integral part of work
  • Identify lines of responsibility for safety, health and environment
  • Immediate response to Emergency situations.
  • Investigate Site Incidents (Near miss / Accidents) and Provide / Implement necessary Corrective and Preventive actions.


At Modern the health and safety of our employees, customers and others who may be affected by our activities, are our top priority. All employees and business partners are required to comply with this policy and our commitments as outlined below

  • Personnel engaged in the DG Set Installation, commissioning, operation and maintenance must be competent and experienced in these fields. They must also be conversant with all relevant, current statutory requirements and local regulations. Before installing the DG Set, read this manual carefully to get familiar with the equipment and its operation. (Including all systems and controls, manually operated valves and shut down devices). Correct DG Set installation, operation and maintenance is essential for safe and efficient operation. Many accidents result from a failure to observe fundamental safety rules and precautions.
  • There are many potential hazards that can occur during operation of DG Set which cannot always be anticipated. Therefore, a warning cannot be included in this manual for every possible circumstance that might involve a potential hazard However every Hazard Required to be Treated as per the Norms Indicated.
  • While unloading, shifting of DG Set please ensure proper care is taken so that no damage to men and material is done. Please use proper unloading equipment’s, tools and tackles.
    DG room should have proper escape routes. An escape map may be displayed in the DG room which should be clearly visible to all would be helpful during any accident or fire.
  • Please provide proper Fire Extinguishers in DG Set room area.
  • Please put Hazard Signs for Electricals Panels, Fuel and Lubricants etc.
  • Personal Protection gadgets like -Safety hand gloves, goggles and ear plugs for protection of all operators, engineers and staff would make them safe, while working in DG Set room.
  • Ensure proper guards / protections for all moving parts.
  • Use of proper tools and tackles is recommended in the DG Set Room.
  • Electrical cables are fire Hazards during short circuits / failures – Please take proper care while routing of cables particularly power cables.
  • DG Set exhaust gas temperature will be about 450-550 Deg. centigrade and exhaust pipes need proper cladding and insulation.
  • Ensure there is no fuel and lubricating oil leakages in the DG set room, as they are fire Hazards.
  • Diesel Fuel handling need proper care, as they are also fire hazards.
  • Please ensure proper care is taken while lifting Heavy parts of the DG Set. The capacity of the lifting cranes should be suitable.
  • Earthing of the DG Set is recommended and please refer to the specific recommendations.
  • Keep tools & other metallic objects away from uncovered batteries. Use tools covered with vinyl electrical tapes or suitable non – conducting material to avoid possibility of shorting battery connections while working near batteries.
  • In case of bulk diesel storage and liquid gas storage, proper signage like “’NO SMOKING’ boards should be prominently displayed.
  • Engine lubricating oil, engine coolant and grease are to be disposed at site as per site regulation requirement.
  • Engine consumables replaced during maintenance like filters, are to be disposed at site as per site regulation requirement.
  • Batteries are to be disconnected, in case of persons working on the DG Set.
  • Disconnect all harness connections to the PCC & Engine control system before doing any welding work on DG set. Controller & PCB can get damaged due to welding currents.
  • DG Set starting batteries to be disconnected at battery end before any welding work or maintenance.
  • During transportation of DG set with AVMs in-between sub base and engine generator ensure AVMs have shipping brackets (solid restraints) to prevent transit damage. Ensure to remove the shipping bracket before starting the DG Set.
    Safety lockout and tag out process to be followed during maintenance.
  • Prepare and keep in record the DG Inspection Check List before each and every dispatch (IN and Out) from Our Depot / Warehouse to Client site and vice versa.
  • Follow the Maintenance schedule as Recommended by Equipment Manufacturers as per attached List and also record the data as per Given formats during respective running Hours and each time.
  • Use of drugs /alcohol/chewing tobacco to be avoided at work place.
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