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RSPL Limited

Case Study


RSPL Limited(Famously known as Ghadi Detergent), Kuranga, Gujarat – 12MW, 33KV DG Based Power Package

The Background:

RSPL Limited (RSPL), a Kanpur based is more than 5000 crore diversified conglomerate in India. It is in the Business of Detergent, Soaps, Leather Products, Milk Products (Ghadi Detergent Group). It has about 27 Detergent manufacturing units in Various States of India.

RSPL Has Set up a Greenfield Soda Ash Plant (Light Soda Ash 1500 TPD and Dense Soda Ash 770 TPD) along with captive Power Plant of 50MW near Village Kuranga, Taluka Dwaraka, District Devbhumi Dwaraka, Gujarat with the estimated cost of Project approx. 1800 Cr.

Once the Construction of Plant is Over, Client wanted to have 12MW, 33kV Power for Testing of Large Capacity Motors, Pre-commissioning/ Commissioning and Operation of the said Plant due to Unavailability of Captive Power Plant and Grid Power from PGVCL.

RSPL approached Modern Energy Rental to provide the solution to ensure dedicated Power at 33kV Voltage for Testing, Commissioning, and Later for Operation of Plant till their Permanent Set up is ready for Evacuation of Power.

Modern has Provided 11 x 1250KVA, 415V & 2 x 500KVA, 415V Silent Containerized DG sets with Synchronization Panel along with Step Up Transformer of 3 x 5000KVA, 415/33kV with all Required LT/HT Synchronization Panel which again further Synchronized with Their Turbines to ensure dedicated for Supply along highly Experienced & Technically qualified operators & Engineers for the duration of 9 Months & later the same has been extended more for 3-5 Months based on Satisfaction & High-quality service Provided by Modern.

Our Solution

The Achievement

1. Modern has Provided the above Mentioned system within 30 Days after Confirmation.

2. Modern has also Taken Approval from Chief Electrical Inspector of Gujarat within mentioned duration

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