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30 TR Roof Top Unit Rental

30 Ton Air Conditioning Roof Top Unit Rental

30 TR Roof Top AC Unit on Hire

30 Tr Roof Top Chillers on Rent
30 Tr Roof Top Chillers on Rent

Energy Efficient 30TR Roof Top Unit Rental in India.

Modern Energy Rental provides high performing, energy efficient 30TR Roof-Top AC units on rent. Our compact design and easy to install 30TR Roof top units are available for rental throughout India for both short- and long-term durations. The unit features improved comfort, safety, reliability and energy efficiency.

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Technical Specification for 30 Ton Roof Top AC Unit:

Model: MHS 30
Nominal ton 30 Tons
Model type Cooling Only
Type of flow Horizontal
Capacity Cooling capacity(net) (Btu/h) 360000
Performance EER 10.5
Dimensions Length (mm) 2320
Width (mm) 2220
Height (mm) 1245
Net weight(kg) 910
Refrigerant type R410A
Flow control Capillary
Compressor Quantity/Type / KW 2/Scroll / 13.7
Outdoor coil Rows 3 +3
Fins per inch 17
Tube diameter(in.) 9/32.
Indoor coil Rows 4
Fins per inch 16
Tube diameter(in.) 5/16.
Outdoor fan Quantity used/diameter (mm) 2/800
Type Propeller
Drive type Direct
Quantity speeds 1
Quantity motors/power (kW) 2/2.07
Motor RPM 887
Nominal total CFM 23486
Indoor fan Quantity used/Model 1 / SYD355R2-L
Type FC Centrifugal
Drive type Belt
Quantity speeds Variable sheave
Quantity motors/power (kW) 1/5.5 (270 Pa)
Motor RPM 1440
Nominal total CFM 12000 (270 Pa)

** Cooling capacities are rated at 95 ℉ ambient DB, 80 ℉ entering DB, 67 ℉ entering WB.
** Cooling capacities are rated at 35 Deg C ambient DB, 26.67 Deg C entering DB, 19.44 Deg C entering WB.
** Units are suitable for operation to ± 20% of nominal CFM.

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