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3300 kVA Load Bank on Rent

Best Rental Price for 3300kVA Load Bank

3300 kVA Load Bank on Hire in India

3300 kVA Load Bank for Rent
3300 kVA Load Bank on Hire in India

3300kVA Load bank on rent to test your electrical unit or system under partial or full load.

At Modern Energy Rental, we offer convenient and efficient solutions for testing your electrical systems and units under different loads with our 3300kVA Load Banks available for rent. These load banks are designed to prevent costly power failures caused by high loads. Their compact and portable design makes them highly accessible.

Our 3300kVA resistive/reactive/m-load load bank equipment comes equipped with advanced features, including an easy-to-read A.N. display to monitor load parameters, a user-friendly touchscreen for setting load parameters, and convenient push-button switches for operation. The load bank also includes an MCB for power control, ensuring a robust and simple operation process.

Choose our 3300kVA Load Bank rental to ensure smooth and reliable testing of your systems, keeping your operations running without any interruptions due to power issues.

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Model Transportable
Country of Origin United Kingdom
Capacity Range - Packaged Loadbank 3300kVA
Real Power/Reactive Power @ 0.8pf (kW/kVA) 2640/1980
Voltage Max- Continuous Operation 440/450/480/600/690V
* Additional Voltage Options (Max) 400/415
Operating Frequency Range 50/60HZ
NOTE: Capacity at one given frequency only
Phases 3ph
Wires (Star Connection) 3
Load-Step Resolution @ Design Voltage 1.66kW/1.96kVAr
Voltage Tolerance (Short Term Operation) +5%
Load Tolerance +/- 5%
Elements 80/20 Nickel Chrome Resistance Wire
Reactors Iron Core Type - Class F
Insulation Test 500V
Auxiliary Supply Voltage 440-480V-60Hz
Auxiliary Supply Current 63A
Phases 3ph
Load Connections M16 Copper Busbars
Control Voltage Selectable-Test (<480V) or Auxiliary
Cooling Method Forced Air Cooling (Vertical)
Air-Flow (Approx.) 1440m³/min
Load Switching Category AC-1
Load Switching Contactor Type 3 Pole AC Contactors
Rated Maximum Ambient Temperature Operation +50°C/+122 F
Rated Minimum Ambient Temperature Operation -20°C/-4°F
Rated Maximum Relative Humidity 95% RH
Altitude Rating <500m [m.a.s.L]
Enclosure ISO Style Container
Finish RAL7046-Offshore CX
Control Chamber IP Rating IP55
Lifting Twistlock Corners (Bottom Lift)
Enslosure Dimensions: 
Length (Approx.) - mm 2991
Width (Approx.) - mm 2438
Height (Approx.) - mm 2896
Total Weight-Range (Approx.) - kg 10000
Loadbank Control Systems 
Control MCS, PC Software or LC80, Extendable (Multiple Loadbank Control)
Optional Extras: Modbus
Control Secondary (Back-up) KCS
Control Extension Cables 50m or 100m Extension
Extend Lead 10m
Frequency Dual 50 & 60Hz
Load Connections Powerlocks
Internal Temperature Monitoring ASS180
Test Supply Live Beacons ASS181
Unauthorised Door Access Alarm when Live ASS182
Windfarm Applications WF
Extreme Temperature (High / Low) TEMP
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