Diesel vs Gas Generators: Pros and Cons

Diesel Generators vs Gas Generators: Pros and Cons

Electricity is essential all over the world, especially for emergency places like hospitals, businesses, homes, etc. When the supply of electricity disrupts we need backup power so that all our emergency facilities such as hospitals, emergency centres, airports, etc. don’t get affected. While considering power backup sources you can choose between two types of generators for rental diesel generators or gas generators. Both diesel and gas generators have pros and cons. Therefore, it is vital to understand which one of these generators you must rent.

Diesel Generators: Modern Energy Rental Pvt. Ltd. offers a wide range of diesel generators for rental


  • Diesel generators maintenance cost is low as they require less maintenance.
  • Diesel generators have a long life and have great portability and easy access to fuel.
  • Diesel generators are best suited for portable, mobile or rental applications.
  • The fuel is less flammable and less explosive makes the diesel generators safer.


  • Diesel generators’ cost is affected by fluctuations in diesel fuel prices.
  • Diesel generators are a little noisy than gas generators.

Gas Generators: Modern Energy Rental Pvt. Ltd. offers a wide range of gas generators for rental.


  • Gas generators are usually connected to a gas line and fuel source are readily available.
  • Gas generators are best for prime power applications because of the consistent fuel source.
  • Natural Gas generators cost less for longer periods of time than diesel fuel.
  • Natural gas is cleaner with less emissions than most other fossil fuels.


  • Gas generators maintenance cost is high as they require more maintenance.
  • Gas generators have a shorter lifespan.
  • Gas generators is explosive, fire hazards if pipeline burst.
  • Gas generators emits more carbon dioxide than diesel.

Conclusion: Whatever generator you choose to rent diesel or gas generators make sure you calculate your expected wattage before renting a generator that can handle the wattage load you need. Keeping in mind above points you can determine which generator is best to rent for your applications. For generators on rental requirements you can contact Modern Energy Rental Pvt. Ltd. We provide diesel and gas generators that run 24/7 on rental at best price.