Generator on Rental For Construction

Generators For Construction: How Much of the Power Do You Need?

Suppose your profession is of construction. Then, you will require a generator with rent or purchase a new generator. A generator is to provide electric power for various tools, electric equipment, and lighting facility at different remote sites that are not unable with the power grid. Moreover, the generator also provides emergency backup power when any power breakdown happens and reduces the risk of cost.

When you look at the best generator for your construction projects, you will come to know that all generators are available in various sizes, characteristics, different configurations, and power output capacities.

Different Factors to be considered while buying a good generator

Let’s look at different factors that need to be considered when looking for a good quality generator.

As per the rule, there is a need for at least 70-90% of the power capacity when there is a requirement of power at the construction site. Apart from that, the generator that works less than 50% of the total creates a situation known as “wet stacking,” which reduces the unit’s operating efficiency.

Below mentioned factors will help to find the accurate size and output capacity for the generator:

1) Site Size: If the site size is more extensive, more power is probably needed. And the generator should run capable of producing more power. You have to keep in mind that more significant sites require more generators to meet the power necessities.

2) Types of Equipment: If a construction site requires heavy-duty equipment and tools to fill the power requirements, a generator with more wattage is needed when using smaller products that consume less electricity.

3) Reserve power: Some equipment blocks need more energy for startups compared to the operations. It would help if you chose a generator that can be available with the power surges that may happen when machines or tools start using a generator.

4) Voltage Capacity: When you are buying a generator, you should also focus on the voltage and wattage. If the voltage is higher, the electric current produced by the generator will be more substantial.

5) The phase of the generator: Most generators come in single and three-phase options. The latter version of the generator is required for a construction site because it is available with a more stable and reliable power supply.


To calculate the power and best job site generator size, you have to add all the wattages of all the equipment and tools that demand electrical energy. Be sure to choose a model that provides more capacity.