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Diesel Generator Set
Diesel Generator Set on Rent

Generator on Rent for reliable power. Generators for Hire for 25kVA to 2000kVA and multi-megawatt power requirements.

Modern Energy Rental is one of the leading power rental generator providers in India. We provide Generators on rental for a wide range of applications and industries in India. We have a huge range of Generators available for rental in India including rental generators for offshore applications and remote sites. Our containerized portable rental gensets are used for temporary power requirements for both short term and long term duration.

Our fleet of generators for rent includes both Rental Diesel Generators (DG Rental) and Gas generator rental in a wide range of capacities ranging from 25kVA to 2000kVA including multi-mega watt power plants.

Modern is your reliable partner for temporary power rental equipment. We are known for providing cost-effective, reliable rental power through our wide range of generator rentals in India.

Why Rent a Generator from Modern Energy Rental?

Salient features of Generator we rent:

  • Ready to use, compact, portable, all terrain genset with new benchmarking performance, reliability and efficiency.
  • Containerized unit with reduced footprint for premium space saving and cost-effective power generation.
  • No site assembly of acoustic enclosure or erection work.
  • Power evacuation system for both cable termination or bus ducting.
  • Plug and play concept.
  • Trailer mounted mobile version available on request.

Advantages of Rental Generators

  • Powered by reliable and proven Cummins engine with state-of-the-art power command controllers.
  • Need only one trailer for transportation.
  • Enhanced noise reduction for all prime/standby applications
  • Same day commissioning possible.
  • Cooling system with substantial fuel saving.
  • Smaller footprint when compared to normal modular acoustic gensets.
  • All doors provided with locking features for security.

Applications for Generator we rent:

Our Diesel Generator are used in a wide range of industries and applications. Our fuel efficient diesel generators for rent are used in industries such as constructions, oil & gas, refineries, chemical plants, Solar, Wind etc.

 India’s leading Generator Rental Company with huge fleet of rental DG Set and Gas Generator for Rent. Send us your requirement now.
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