Power Backup

How reliability of backup power is critical for any kind of industries?

Shut down, blackouts, surges, breakdown, brownouts, and causes of power failure or downtime will be costly in many cases. Most of the industries run the system on power, the power downtime will stack the billions of dollars. So, backup power is critical for any kind of industry. The power backup gives you peace of mind that requires carefully planned strategies.

Nowadays, every industries usage computer to maintain their work or automate manufacturing systems. They require a continuous power supply to perform a specific task on a daily basis. The power downtime stops these operations and will be a loss of billion dollars, rupees. That means power backup is not an option anymore, it’s necessary for a small, medium as well as large industries.

Power Outages and Blackouts are more frequent
In India, power outages because of weather-related reasons such as a change in weather conditions, summer, winter, rainy as well as storms. The power cut due to change in weather has increased day by day. In a recent report, it will find that many types of machinery get failed because of the sudden power cut.

The unplanned disturbances, including power lines, wires, and transformer are cause most blackouts. In India, the power grid improving the load capacity slowly, and monitoring load capacity daily. Due to modernisation there is more power requirement than production which causes the power cut. Industrial experts also say that power outages are becoming more and more frequent.

How Backup Power Helps?
No matter what type of power failure may occur, various types of backup options will ready to fulfil your power requirements. Before selecting any power backup system, you should calculate the power requirements for the items that run on a generator. First, you should consider 50 to 300 percentages more as an additional wattage.

One of the most common power backup systems is an uninterrupted power system that typically based on battery storage linked with inverter for AC-DC
Conversion. This power backup system protects equipment from being damaged by short-term outages.

1. Many homes & larger industries will require UPS (uninterrupted power supply) for computers to remain operational. For other types of power equipment, they need a high quality generator to make them operational in power cut.

2. The most common industrial power backup system is a diesel generator that offers excellent power backup with good efficiency. DG Sets have a good full load
and half load working ability. For medium and larger industries, Diesel Generator will be an optimal option.

3. The power backup will be limited to the size of the generator, batteries, inverter and other backup systems. In such a scenario, power backup will help you, to reliable in case of power outages.

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