Portable or Standby Generators

Portable or Standby: Which Generator Should You Choose?

Do not let blackouts ruin your business. Install a generator set to counteract the power outage. It is also very essential if you run a 24/7 server, energy related industry, or security system. No matter what the case is, there is a generator that can fit your lifestyle or budget. There are two types of generator sets, portable generators, and standby generators. Portable generators are generally small and can be hauled or transported anywhere. In contrast, permanent generators are more expensive and, as the name implies, permanent, but they can supply a large amount of power to your home or building. Due to growing technology, we use electric and commercial generators to power our businesses and industry. So, in a power outage event, you can expect uproar in the community.

Which Generator is right for you?
So, choosing the right generator set depends on what you need as a business owner or industrialist.

  • Portable generators: Portable generators may be sufficient for those who have the option to choose power tools or appliances in the event of a blackout. For lights, electric fans, or a small TV, a portable generator set that delivers less than 1 kW may be sufficient. Powering an air conditioner and desktop computers within a small office requires at least 20 kW of energy. Of course, many portable generators set options are ranging from 200 kW to 6000 kW. Be aware that portable generator sets run on gasoline or diesel; they can produce carbon monoxide, an odorless and tasteless gas that can be fatal. Portable generator sets are not automatic like permanent ones; they need to be manually started or shut down; users should also check for fuel or motor oil to avoid damage to the Generator.
  • Standby generators: Standby generators are typically gas or diesel powered, can deliver up to 20,000 kW, and automatically start in the event of a power outage. It also turns off when power is available, making it ideal for large buildings or businesses such as hospitals, banks, and factories. The downside is that you cannot quickly relocate or transfer it, making it too expensive to transport it elsewhere.

Bottom Line: To let your industrial processes proceed uninterruptedly and smoothly, you need the commercial generator sets. Enjoy unstoppable and continuous business operations by installing the rented commercial generators and forget your power-cut issues. Depending upon your business requirements choose a portable or standby generator set accordingly.