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The Importance of Backup Power for Commercial Facilities

The importance of backup power for commercial facilities

An emergency can occur at any time, unannounced, and therefore it is always advisable to take all precautionary measures to prevent any sort of accident. With power outages becoming more frequent with each passing day due to numerous weather-related conditions such as hurricanes, storms, heavy snowfall, etc., backup power for commercial units is increasing to greater manifolds. Regardless of the kind of commercial facility you own, it is crucial to have an effective power backup system in place that can come in handy during major power outages for various reasons.

Causes of a power outage

It is seen that frequent power outages lead to numerous losses for a commercial facility, especially when the power outage is carried on for a longer period. Severe weather conditions, which have become a common occurrence these days, hold the potential for causing prolonger power outages across large areas. Moreover, small power outages have become quite frequent due to various causes such as falling of trees, malfunctioning of cables and generators, etc. Apart from these causes, major aggravations also occur on power cables and lines that affect the entire power segment over a prolonged period. Additionally, control mistakes and operational blunders often trigger power shutdowns that sometimes stretch to a long time, which seriously hampers the commercial facilities’ functioning, leading to huge losses and therefore calls for the implementation and setup of a power backup system.

Essential power backup system

At the essential level, one must have an effective reinforcement power generator, such as diesel or gas, that is crucial for an effective power backup framework. Moreover, a business circuit tester can also prove beneficial in this aspect. Apart from a reinforcement power generator, one also requires an automatic transfer switch, also known as ATS, that is essential against major power outages. The automatic transfer switch is required to screen the utility power of the power backup system. When a power outage takes place, the automatic transfer switch exchanges power from the utility to the power backup generator, which then supplies electricity to the entire building of the commercial facility.


With power outages becoming a frequent happening due to numerous causes, the importance of having a power backup system cannot be undermined at any cost. An effective power backup system aids in effectively dealing with power outages, thereby preventing any loss that a commercial facility can face.