Load Bank on Rental

What is a Load Bank? Why rent it?

What is a Load Bank? Why rent it?


Generators are the most reliable source during power failure. These help to maintain continuity without any disruptions. These are going to save you from the last-minute panic. But, before employing one, testing is important. Here’s where load banks help you. You can test generators through the load banks that apply an artificial load to judge their competence.

Is it necessary to use Load Banks?

Load banks help you back your contingent plans by testing the eligibility of an excellent backup system. When you employ a backup system or an emergency generator, you need to make sure that it functions when you need and expect it to. Hence, it is necessary to make use of these. Load banks play an important role in testing the first generators. You can employ them in the following ways as well:

  • Routine schedule testing
  • Help in prolonging the generators’ life
  • Check whether the power source requires any changes
  • Help to ensure the performance of the primary power generators


Why Rent Load Bank?

If you are installing generators and want to test them through the load banks, you might juggle between the thought of buying and renting them. It depends on your organizational needs. But, renting is a more economical and friendly option. Consider the following factors:

Frequency: Healthcare services and hospitals require periodic testing through load banks on priority. The hospitals cannot afford a power blackout in the absence of a reliably working backup generator. Testing will help to highlight the condition, and power requirements that will impact the generator performance.

Requirement of Load Banks may or may not be on a daily or weekly basis. Hence, renting is a better idea.

Transportation and testing: The rental companies offer assistance like transportation, installation, and machine removal. Also, they’ll help you with technicians for running the tests. This is more beneficial for the small businesses as they’ll have technicians with experience and knowledge to help them.

No maintenance cost: Renting will not require any expenditure like maintenance cost, time-to-time repairs, storage, or load bank protection.

Keep up with the requirements: Renting a load bank will pace well with the changing requirements. The supplier will be able to provide you with the right equipment as and when you need it.

Financial costs: Renting a load bank will have you a better edge while keeping up with the financial costs. You have a better option as you can save money on the tax, capital outlay, and other reasons.


Underutilizing the generators will hamper their capacity and productivity. So, renting them as per the requirement is an economical and more considerable option.


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