Compressor on Hire

A Guide to Renting Air Compressor

What is Air Compressor?

A compressor or Air Compressor is a mechanical device that uses for increasing pressure in gas, fluid, air, or more. It is mostly used in industrial sectors to provide instrument air to power air tools, paint sprayers, and abrasive blast equipment. It can supply airflow for all equipment in a system. It mainly works in two-phase such as the compression operation and the release operation. According to the use and load, it comes in different sizes and types. It also differs according to the temperature and humidity of the air. So, which is the best compressor, or what are its specific functionalities? There are two types of industrial Air Compressor based on the mode of operation, such as

1. Positive displacement Air Compressors:  This type of industrial compressor is known as the backbone of numbers of compression mechanisms. A positive displacement compressor works through intake by drawing air into a compression chamber. Until a set pressure is reached, it mechanically reduces the volume of the chamber. After that, the compressor is discharged via a valve by providing a run of air. Again, the positive displacement compressor comes in two different types such as

  • Reciprocating Air Compressors
  • Rotary Air Compressors

2. Roto-Dynamic Air Compressors: These types of compressors are works as per the basic principles of thermodynamics. Due to their narrow operating range, this type of compressor suits for stable operating conditions. As it does not depend on a confined volume, it works by continuously increasing the momentum of a gas. Roto-Dynamic Air compressor also has two different types

  • Centrifugal air compressors
  • Axial flow air compressors

Before choosing a compressor, as a user, you should first analyze your requirement and which type of air compressor you need for in your industry. What is the pressure range of air? It would be best if you also thought about the specialized application. If you are a bit confused, then you can also calculate the capacity in cubic feet per minute. In short, go through all the technical terms in includes and your workplace need.

Another most important thing is whether you need to buy or you can also take a rental service for it. If your budget is low or your industry needs an air compressor for limited seasons, renting an air compressor is an ideal choice. Yes, you see it right. You can now rent the air compressor of any model, any size for your industrial use. As a reputed rental service provider of air compressors, we ensure quality service at a friendly price.