Renting Genset for Construction Power

Types of generators used at construction sites

Power is one of the most important factors for any construction project. Any construction project requires electric power to run the various types of machinery used at construction sites. Reliable Construction power is a requirement for all construction projects. Construction sites depend upon power generators for the required power as the grid supply is unable to supply the required power. Construction sites in remote areas do not have access to grid power and hence completely depend upon the temporary power generators.

Construction activities are of various types such as the construction of roads, bridges, buildings, highways, metros, commercial establishments, business parks, etc. Industries such as housing, railways, metro rail, shipping, aviation, mining, etc. undertake various types of construction activities unique to them. Each of them requires a reliable power to work efficiently.

Below are the various types of power generators used by construction sites:

Containerized Portable Generators: Construction sites are spread over a large area and containerized portable generators can be placed at important locations where power is needed. At Modern Energy Rental, we rent generators for construction power which are containerized and easy to move from one location to another.

DG Set for Construction Power: Diesel Generators for construction power are used in many construction sites. DG Set comes in various capacities. These generators are rugged and can withstand harsh environmental conditions. DG Set Rental is one of the most efficient power sources for construction projects.

Gas Generator for Construction Power:  Construction projects which require to follow low-emission norms as per local or national standards, less noise opt for a Gas generator for their construction power requirements. Rental Gas generators (provided by Modern Energy Rental) are heavy-duty equipment with low noise, portable, and built to the highest quality standards. 

Temporary Power Plants for Construction sites: Temporary power plants for your remote construction projects can be designed by power rental companies. A temporary power plant for remote construction sites can be set based on the power needed, area of the construction site, and the duration for which it is needed. 

Rental Generators for Construction Power:

Generator on rent is one of the most sought after option for construction projects. Hiring a Genset for construction site has huge advantages like hassle-free maintenance, options to choose from a variety of combinations as per the power required, easy transportation, and fuel management. 

Having a reliable energy partner for your construction power requirement is an important aspect. Modern Energy Rental is one of the most trusted generator rental and other energy equipment rental companies in India. With a wide range of generators for rent from 25kVA to 2000kVA and multi-megawatts power plant, construction power rental is made easy at Modern Energy Rental.