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Difference between High, Medium and Low Voltage Transformers

What is a Voltage Transformer?

According to Faraday’s law, a voltage transformer is a static electromagnetic passive electrical machine that can convert electrical energy from it’s one value to the other. This device can increase or decrease voltage and current level it supplies, without changing the frequency. By using the magnetic circuit, this device can transfer the amount of electrical power from one winding to another. This voltage transformer is divided into few classifications, such as:

  • Low Voltage Transformer
  • Medium Voltage Transformer
  • High Voltage Transformer

Let’s have an overview of the types and their differences:

Low Voltage Transformer
A low voltage transformer has a rectifier that helps to convert its output into Radio Frequency Interference (RFI) and Direct Current or DC. This type of voltage transformer offers different varieties of configurations. These are small in sizes according to the voltage capacity such as 208v, 240v, 380v, 480v, and the highest voltage capacity of the low voltage transformer is 600v.In this type of transformer, electricity converts by transferring current from one set of electric windings to another.

Medium Voltage Transformer
As compared to low voltage transformer, medium voltage transformers are different from every angle. This type of transformer offers voltage transformation to the electric power delivery system. In a medium-voltage transformer, voltage is proportional to amperage. To complete the operation, the voltage increases, and amperage decreases. It needs a large amount of power than a low voltage transformer. Like other transformers, it also has a limited capacity of voltage transformation that is 2,400 to 69,000 volts.

High Voltage Transformer
When it comes to high voltage transformer, it again comes in 3 different types such as high, extra-high, and ultra-high voltage transformer. The high and extra high transformer is usually
used to supply transmission from the power plant. For proper maintenance and testing of individual supply systems, a high voltage transformer needs to be controlled remotely or placed manually. It can be high voltage windings or high voltage isolation between windings or both. When it comes to phases, it can be a single-phase, three steps based, or Scott T configurations. This type of transformer can handle a minimum of 115,000 to a maximum of 1,100,000 VAC.

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