Tips to Reduce Noise Pollution on Construction Site

Tips to Reduce Noise Pollution on Construction Site

Construction is one of those few platforms requiring an on-site power generator to function the engines and process the work. In this case, the rental generator service is an alternative yet ideal option for every construction company. So, here the topic is noise pollution on the site of construction. Is it also annoying you? Do you also want to reduce the noise of engines on your construction site? Below are a few tips to help you out of it.

Depending on the activity, location, and types of equipment, the construction site’s noise level always varies. When it comes to noise, like other places, the construction site also includes some rules, and regulations, to reduce its impact from the surrounding. So, to keep it in the limit, there are some rules for the maximum 60 types of outdoor machines to be in rules. A power Generator is one of those.

Choose the Right Exhaust System: To reduce the noise, an exhaust system is an option. But, it also has a demerit of draining the sound directly from the route. In this case, use a silencer to reduce the noise. Additionally, sound-absorbing walls can be built around the generator to reduce noise.

Install in the Right Location: Besides systems specification, location is another vital point every user should take care of before installing. Make sure that the installed location of the generator system is not polluting places nearby.

Reduce Engine Noise: The sound of the generator’s engine is another reason behind noise pollution. So users also have to take proper steps towards it. So, how to reduce? As a leading guide, we must suggest using noise suppression measures such as additional insulating material. It can integrate into the generator’s design and helps to reduce the noise.

Cooling System: Noise emitting from the generator’s cooling system is another reason for on-site noise pollution. There are several solutions to get out of it, which depends on the fan’s function, whether the fan is functioning with belts or electric. And, the noise level depends upon the speed of the fan.

Besides the above, there are few more reasons for high noise pollution is improper maintenance, old equipment, and more. With our rental generator service, you will never face these issues as we maintain our machine and its part properly. If you are interested to know much more about our inclusive generator services, contact us today.