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Different Types of Industrial Diesel Generators and their Applications

To prevent a blackout risk, many businesses make use of diesel generators. Investing in industrial diesel generators is crucial. It’s a simple way to maintain security and generate revenue at the same time. The risk of witnessing losses is less. You can maintain a good working and output level.

Types of generators
The diesel engine is of two types:

  • Two-stroke
    The large engines make use of two-stroke engines. Two strokes mean the upward and downward movement twice to generate power in case of a cut. These engines require prior fuel and oil mixing.
  • Four-stroke
    Most of the engines belong to the four-stroke cycle. Such engines make use of more parts and hence, can cost you more. There is no requirement for prior mixing.

The diesel generators produce power of a single or three-phase. Home generators use single-phase but industrial and commercial use might need three-phase power to operate. The modern generators are silent in working and don’t need much maintenance. The cost of maintenance is also low.


  • Roadways
    Both light and heavy vehicles move on the road. Mining vehicles, tractors for purposes like irrigation and threshing as a part of farming need to have diesel engines. The construction sector needs the use of diesel power too. In countries where the diesel price is low, generators are very popular.
  • Airways
    Airplanes are using diesel engines since 1930. Automotive diesel engines in use help with the power-weight ratio. These have higher fuel efficiency and are a part of electronic ignition. They help in the easier operation and management of the aircraft engines. Manufacturers are selling these due to an increase in their use in aviation planes.
  • Waterways
    Yachts, compressors, generators, trucks, and pumps make use of diesel engines. These engines power the ships that move in high waters. The engines have a power output figure of 90,000 kW.
  • Land
    Surface and underground mining make use of diesel generators for extraction and loading. Shovels and drills for excavating also need diesel power. 72% of the total mining sector energy is because of diesel generators.
  • Hospitals
    Major medical healthcare facilities need emergency backup generators. The work in hospitals is critical and power failure cannot be an excuse. Hence, hospitals are dependent on industrial diesel generator sets.
  • The backend of the datacenters
    The computer, communication, and telecommunication industry are incomplete without the diesel generators working at the backend. They offer reliable services to millions and sturdy backup is a must for their business and their customers.

These engines are cost-effective and have efficient use. Industrial diesel generators are a part of many mushrooming sectors as they meet emergency power needs and are safe. So, it is better to shift to their use to meet the backup power needs.