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Uses and Applications of Power Transformer

A Power transformer is an electronic device that is generally used to transfer electrical energy or power starting with one electronic circuit. This transfer happens through electromagnetic induction. The transformer is a static device as no rotation occurs. It generally works on the AC supply. These transformers are used in the distribution systems that further interface the step up and step down voltages.

This general power transformer is immersed in liquid and has a life expectancy of around 30 years. The term power transformer is used to give the different AC supplies of various voltage and an expected value of the current power supply. It deals with the guideline of standard induction. These power transformers come in different ranges.

The power transformers are classified into several types. These are:

  • Power Transformers
  • Distribution Transformers
  • Measurement Transformers
  • Indoor Transformers
  • Outdoor Transformers

Transformer’s application and uses
As per the necessity of it, these transformers can be used and applied in several areas.
Power Transformers
Power transformers are the ones that are being used in high voltage power transfer applications. Its voltage is more than the 33 KV. These kinds of transformers are generally more prominent and, accordingly, takes much space.
Distribution Transformers
As expressed by its name, the Distribution transformer is the thing that is applied to share. It distributes the generated power to different areas. The electricity distributed with this transformer is generally low voltage, which implies it is under 33 KV and can be used for household chores.

Measurement Transformers
Measurement transformers are used to measure the current, voltage as well power. As per their application, these transformers are further classified into several categories.

Indoor Transformers
Indoor transformers are covered with shelters and rooftops. These are like the industry standards.

Outdoor Transformers
Outdoor transformers are intended to remain outside and can be used for distribution purposes.

The manufacturing cycle includes electrolysis or electroplating; these are usually fueled by a continuous flow of current and further supplied with the transformer’s help. Its current flow is regulated based on the reaction. In the steel manufacturing process, high currents are required for the welding of steel and melting of lower current. These are needed further for cooling. Also, these transformers offer a well-regulated current.

Transformers can also be used to charge the battery. It is easy to control its voltage. If the voltage is controlled, it will not cause any damage to the internal components of the battery. This interaction will be performed with the transformer’s assistance.
The transformer is also used to control the rotating current’s power, which also helps to increase the efficiency and lower down the electricity bill.